A Gamechanging Workshop {Personal}

The workshop had just ended. I sat alone in my car in the parking lot of BlueSky’s studio and I was sad. It was the strangest feeling that came over me. It’s hard to explain because the last 2 days had been so awesome. I felt enlightened. And inspired. I had grown so much in the last 48 hours and I didn’t want it to be over. Trevor Dayley is such an amazing photographer, he is an incredible teacher and yet during the entire process, he felt like an old friend.
For those of you who know me, you know I would die without love google; if I don’t know the answer, google will find it for me. I learned more in 2 days during this workshop than I’ve been able to find in 2 years of googling 37 times a day. I’m not just talking about picture taking either – lighting, marketing, post processing, pricing – he held nothing back.
I don’t want to be too wordy so I’ll end it with this: if you are on the fence about taking this workshop – get off. Take the workshop. Do not hesitate. Go. Get your learn on. I have taken other workshops, from other really amazing photographers & I have learned this one thing about those who teach them: I don’t care how pretty your pictures are, if you’re not a good teacher, then I won’t be a good learner. Trevor not only takes AMAZING PHOTOS, he enables you to be an awesome student as well.
Goal=To be an AMAZING Photographer; Workshop=one step closer to Goal
Thank you BlueSky for being such an awesome host. Thank you to Aubre’s Bridal for the beautiful gown, and accessories.  Thank you to the beautiful model, Amanda & Thank you Trevor Dayley for traveling so far to share your heart and your knowledge and for being such a breath of fresh air…
Oh, and because I do enjoy taking pictures, here are several from the workshop below 🙂

above image taken by Trevor – Awesome group of people 🙂

Thank you!

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