Saturday the snow fell down. The kiddos looked out the window in awe. Brooke was sick, but wanted to touch it. I let her. Caleb wanted to taste it. I let him – Then they built a petite fashionista snow-woman. Their daddy pulled them in the wagon and this mom wore her dinosaur onesie in […]

as photographers we don’t often remember to photograph our own families as often as we should (or at least be in the photograph WITH our families). jenny and I have talked many times about how we need to just do it. well, she did – she is my friend and fellow photographer & rocked it out […]

i knew her daddy in college – we were good friends. i remember after graduation he told me about this girl he met, and how he was going to marry her. sure enough. he did. fast forward many years later and i get a phone call – can you photograph our daughter? of course i […]

when i first met her, she was so shy – only her mom made everything okay. the tender moments that happened while she made her mind up about me, were some of the sweetest between them. but, after trying everything, it was hide-and-go-seek that allowed me to earn her trust. and then we were friends. […]

he is a beautiful little boy with an infectious personality. whose first year of life was being celebrated by his family. on a perfect day. with the most glorious sunset –

Kenzie came ten days early. Her mother, I know, loved her way before she met her, or even conceived her. Carey & Justin deserve the happiness that this little angel has brought them more than anyone and they couldn’t wait to meet her. I’m pretty sure the feeling must’ve been mutual, because – Kenzie came […]

Camp meeting in Denver, NC has been a tradition since the early 1800’s. I grew up in the small town & can remember going ever since I was a little girl. Colson’s grandparents have a tent at Rock Springs Campground & it has been tradition for them to meet there every year as well so […]

oh sweet vacation. you ended far too soon. Just recently my parents invited my family to join them on a beach trip to good ol’ myrtle beach – it was us, them and my lil bro, Austin. I can honestly say that this is the first vacation that I came home tanless. Also the first […]

I met Miss Addison this past Saturday morning right after sunrise for her 18 month old pictures! She loves the water so her mom and I decided Jetton park would be the perfect spot with its beautiful shore. During our session I also learned she loves bubbles and most of all that little girl LOVES […]

Pregnancy. is. beautiful. I loved being pregnant with both of my children & I can tell Carey is soaking up every minute of this experience with so much love and adoration for the little girl she is growing inside of her. I met her for the first time over a year ago before she was […]

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