Here are a few images of this sweet 2 week old baby boy that I recently had the pleasure of meeting. He was such a handsome little guy & I just love the details in his transportation themed nursery. Enjoy!

Kenzie came ten days early. Her mother, I know, loved her way before she met her, or even conceived her. Carey & Justin deserve the happiness that this little angel has brought them more than anyone and they couldn’t wait to meet her. I’m pretty sure the feeling must’ve been mutual, because – Kenzie came […]

Pregnancy. is. beautiful. I loved being pregnant with both of my children & I can tell Carey is soaking up every minute of this experience with so much love and adoration for the little girl she is growing inside of her. I met her for the first time over a year ago before she was […]

I love newborn babies – I love their smell, how smooshy they are, the fine hair on their shoulders & back & especially how they have an overwhelming effect on the lives of those they enter. Despite their newness, somehow those lives they are born into, can’t imagine a world without their existence. That love […]

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