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Latta plantation was the most perfect backdrop for this beautiful family to document the growing of their newest family member – Kristin is due in June (on my son’s birthday) with a sweet baby girl. Her friend (& talented photographer) Erin of Eve’s Wish Photography¬†contacted me about doing these photos for her friend since she was unable to do them (she lives in NY and will be here to document the birth!) I asked her if she’d share a little bit of her friend’s story so the rest of this post is by Erin.
“It was only weeks after my daughter was born this past September when Kristen and Jeff & Carter headed to NY for our yearly family get together. Kristen sat there in my living room, holding my daughter as she shared with me the desires of her heart… to have a little girl herself. It really was the sweetest moment and one I knew so well. My heart swelled as I heard her wishes, not knowing that in just a few short weeks those words would turn into reality…
…Our families first met online {through blogging} shortly after our son’s were born. Our boys bonded us together with their extra chromosome but it was how absolutely natural our families clicked that made us forever friends. As a photographer myself it only seemed natural to grab some shots of our sons together when we first met, but that has grown into a absolute love of telling their story.
It’s a beautiful story actually… Kristen, Jeff & Carter have this incredible love, faith and commitment to each other that make you sigh with contentment and awe. Carter’s affection is hands down the best thing to ever happen to someone who comes in contact with him. Now, with the grand entrance of their baby girl, I knew maternity photos would just be that next chapter to document in their life….. But I know I couldn’t make it to North Carolina this spring and that’s where Crystal comes in.
While at a photography conference this last february in California, I opened up the conference magazine to find Crystal’s photos grabbing up incredible top notch awards in all different categories. Her location near Kristen. Insert light bulb. I found the best for one of my best’s. I knew I could trust Crystal with such an important job. I was right. She has told this chapter well, I am so grateful.” – erin

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