the arbors events | first look {daniel & terra}

The wedding was at The Arbors Events in Cleveland, NC – but before the ceremony, they shared a first look….

I’m still working on these images from a wedding I was lucky enough to shoot last weekend but wanted to share these in particular with the family. Daniel and Terra wanted to do a ‘first look’ – they decided to see each other prior to their ceremony. It was just the 2 of them. No family. No friends. A moment where they could just breathe each other in that was all theirs. I for one, almost feel guilty that I was there to see it because it was so beautiful and so special – I know there are probably a few moms out there anxious to see this so here it is….

It was around 2:30pm with no clouds in the sky – I’d asked Daniel to stand where he was because it was the only semi-shaded spot – When he turned around and saw Terra, he moved out of my spot. I mean, I can’t blame him…
Planner: Aisle Do Weddings
Makeup: Erin Ashley Makeup
Hair: Planet 21 Salon – Jerri Hanna
Dress: New York Bride and Groom
Special Thanks to Michelle Patel & Jessica Malone for being my shooting partners – we got them from every angle.

Thank you!

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