I love all things girly – This little one was just that. Beautiful family – here are some images from our time together…

Joy is the best word to describe how I feel being able to photograph families; but not what one might consider your ‘standard family picture’ – In real life we don’t all sit in perfect form and smile because we are told to. We laugh and cry and pout and play. I consider myself so […]

Latta plantation was the most perfect backdrop for this beautiful family to document the growing of their newest family member – Kristin is due in June (on my son’s birthday) with a sweet baby girl. Her friend (& talented photographer) Erin of Eve’s Wish Photography¬†contacted me about doing these photos for her friend since she […]

I. love. my. job. Just like I enjoy watching my own children grow, I love seeing my clients {friends} children grow also – I feel like I have such an important job – therefore my whole heart goes into every single time I pull out my camera. I am honored that they choose me to […]

beautiful sunset session from last fall at Latta Plantation. So. Much. Love.

Daddy’s and their daughters – nuff said.

Saturday the snow fell down. The kiddos looked out the window in awe. Brooke was sick, but wanted to touch it. I let her. Caleb wanted to taste it. I let him – Then they built a petite fashionista snow-woman. Their daddy pulled them in the wagon and this mom wore her dinosaur onesie in […]

i knew her daddy in college – we were good friends. i remember after graduation he told me about this girl he met, and how he was going to marry her. sure enough. he did. fast forward many years later and i get a phone call – can you photograph our daughter? of course i […]

when i first met her, she was so shy – only her mom made everything okay. the tender moments that happened while she made her mind up about me, were some of the sweetest between them. but, after trying everything, it was hide-and-go-seek that allowed me to earn her trust. and then we were friends. […]

he is a beautiful little boy with an infectious personality. whose first year of life was being celebrated by his family. on a perfect day. with the most glorious sunset –

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